Dr. Pesch Marinho

Dr. Lisa Pesch Marinho received her DVM with Thesis degree in 1996 from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. She has been certified by the International Veterinary Acupuncture Society since 1997. She worked with and studied under Cheryl Schwartz, DVM. She completed the Options for Animals course in Animal Chiropractic in 2001. She completed Dr. Richard Pitcairn’s Professional Course in Homeopathy in 2000 and his Advanced Course in Veterinary Homeopathy in 2004. She has been an instructor for Dr. Pitcairn’s Professional Course in Veterinary Homeopathy. Dr. Marinho has studied and practiced Psychomotor therapy since 1999.

Dr Marinho teaches for the RVT program at the Santa Rosa Junior College and has been a guest lecturer for the Holistic Veterinary Medicine Club at UC Davis. She loves teaching and has offered a wide variety of lectures for veterinary professionals as well as the general public.

I have been blessed with the good fortune of finding a path into holistic care for animals.  My goal is to support animals in their endeavors and acknowledge them as individuals.  I love connecting with my clients and patients during their treatments. I also enjoy teaching humans how they can provide healthy support for their animal friends.” – Lisa Marinho, DVM


Dr. Rob Erteman

Dr. Rob Erteman studied biochemistry and biology at UCLA and received his Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from UC Davis in 1982. After 5 years in a conventional medical practice, his feeling that there was much more to understand about animals began to grow. Rob was fortunate to meet Dr. Niek Brouw, a physician in the Hague who has a unique understanding of natural systems in human beings and who developed a unique method of diagnosis and treatment. Rob began to take courses and study the knowledge and research of Dr. Brouw and In 1991 he began to integrate this method into his veterinary practice and treatment of patients

Rob currently practices in California and the Netherlands.

“Pets respond favorably and find a feeling of freedom in their bodies, becoming more stable, happy and healthy.  The treatment can give an animal an experience of stability (psychological and physical), wholeness and peace,  they can move better and they can  grow in these feelings and live harmoniously with their surroundings.”— Rob Erteman, DVM